HAKO – Production programme

For almost 200 years we have been manufacturing hinges and fittings according to DIN, samples or drawings – this experience is also a unique advantage for you. We offer an extensive standard programme, as well as know-how as a partner of the automotive industry.

You can download all information on the individual products directly in our download area.

We manufacture hinges and fittings according to DIN, sample or drawing. In addition to our extensive standard programme, we also manufacture special parts for the automotive industry.


Our high-quality continuous hinges, comply with DIN 7956 and we manufacture them from materials such as steel DC01, Nirosta 1.4301 and aluminium almg3 ½ hard. A wide variety of industries are happy to make use of these products, which have proven their worth over 175 years.

Continuous hinges, light Hako Norm 11, 13-15

Continuous hinges, medium Hako Norm 21-31

Continuous hinges, heavy Hako Norm 33-39


We manufacture rolled hinges according to DIN 7954 in many dimensions. They usually correspond to the standard forms A, B, C, D. The raw material is a DC01 bright alternatively galv. zinc plated or also made of stainless steel 1.4301. As standard, these parts are available with holes, zinc plated or without holes, bright steel.

Special designs in material, dimension or perforation on request. In the meantime, we have converted our surface to Cr6 free!

Hako Norm 101-175


Fixing brackets for gas springs made of material steel DC01, galv. zinc plated or made of stainless steel 1.4301 with bolt and captive SL lock. Available in the dimensions 70 mm and 105 mm.

Also in our programme is a “round” version 35 mm with welded-in threaded bolts and a lock nut.


Weld-on hinges made of sectional steel: Available in steel C15 Pb and stainless steel 1.4301 Versions with fixed pin usually available from stock.

Variants with grease nipple, ball bearing or zinc plated versions available on request

With fixed pin: Weld-on hinges with round head made of drawn profile steel C15 Pb, with brass race ring, fixed steel or brass pin, optionally with grease nipple, from size 100 mm also with ball bearing on request

With loose pin: Weld-on hinges made of drawn profile steel C15 Pb, with brass barrel ring, with loose steel or brass extraction pin,

Made of stainless steel 1.4305 and 1.4404: Weld-on hinges made of stainless sectional steel 1.4301 with round head, race and fixed pin made of 1.4305

Also available in acid- and seawater-resistant 1.4404 on request

Made of aluminium: Weld-on hinges made of Anticorodal AlMg Si 0.5, with fixed stainless steel pin and raceway made of 1.4305

Hako Norm 3064


Hinges made of profile steel Profile hinges in milled, drilled design are characterised by high stability and precision. The material generally complies with EN 10025, surface descaled. The hinge pins are case-hardened and ground. If required, also with additional holes, bends or surfaces.

Straight profile hinges are available from stock in many dimensions. Special designs, e.g. bearing bushes, grease nipples or hinge pins made of stainless steel or brass are available on request.

Hako Norm 3200


Riveted and bolted hinge plates according to DIN 31211/2 – Rivet hinge plates N resp. – Bolted hinge plates B conform to DIN 31211/31212.

We usually have the individual hinge halves in stock and are therefore able to assemble the desired shape at relatively short notice.

Please note that there may be a minimum order quantity.

Hako Norm 3205-3206


Hako Norm 3094


made of profile steel St 37-2, ww. with and without screw-on or rivet holes diameter 6.4 mm, surface DIN EN 12329 Fe//Zn 12//B, mounted with hardened hinge pin and Metaloplast bush (Norglide).

These products are characterised in particular by a maintenance-free bearing through metalloplast bushes. The parts are also Cr6 free zinc plated. A perforated, recessed hinge or a non-perforated version are available as variants. You can also freely choose different lengths.

Furniture van hinges These are usually profile hinges that are used for heavy flaps (e.g.: rear doors). The term “side door hinges” is also commonly used. The hinges are available with a lubricating pin or also in a maintenance-free version with bushes.

Hako Norm 3210